Haiti – Security: The National Police Academy welcomes the 3rd Promotion of students commissioners

Haiti – Security: The National Police Academy welcomes the 3rd Promotion of students commissioners

Tuesday morning the National Police Academy located on the Road of Frères, welcomed the the 3rd Promotion of students Commissioners of the National Police of Haiti (PNH).

Michel-Ange Gédéon, the Director General of the PNH in his speech of circumstance to the new postulants declared :

“[…] On November 3, 2016, when entering the last cohort of students inspectors, I announced a competition for divisional inspectors in strict compliance with our normative texts. After this competition, you are, today, ladies and gentlemen among the divisional inspectors, those who are qualified to take courses that will make you police commissioners.

[…] You’ve all gone through the big door. It is not by breaking the law and regulations that you are there. This is not by influence, favoritism or nepotism, that you have crossed the threshold of the National Police Academy, but by your ability, your aptitude and your great culture. I congratulate you. You are here so that the attitude can follow the aptitude.

Like me, you dream of a professional police. If this is the case, I ask you to retain that the success of the competition must not meke of you ipso facto of Commissioners. The competition simply demonstrates that you have the required background and knowledge to follow the training of commissioners. What worth a commissioner if he has the rank without the necessary skills and abilities ? I leave it to you to think about that.

[…] You will have men and women under your responsibility. There is no leadership without the exercise of authority. I would like to remind you that the exercise of authority comes with the respect that the subordinate vows to his leader. Beyond the traditional authority, statutory authority, charismatic authority and legal authority, there is a form of authority conferred by competence and seriousness. This type of authority is sometimes more important than the other four others. for it brings a natural obedience without raising the tone, without being asked to pray. Without this spontaneous and natural obedience, authority is exercised in a problematic way.

[…] I leave you in the hands of the Direction of the ANP. I expects that it render me experienced professionals, with the sense of duty and the concern for work well done in compliance with the law and the regulations of the institution.”

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March 10th, 2017

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